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NEXGEN2 Defense (NG2) has brought new suppression technology to the market with their MAXFLO 3D™. Utilizing “Advanced Flow Dynamics™ (AFD)” Zero Back-Pressure Suppression™ technology. The MAXFLO 3D rewrites the rules in firearms suppression. Rather than start with existing designs, NG2 erased the template and started from scratch. The result changes the game in firearms suppression. The MAXFLO 3D™ virtually eliminates all of the major issues common with firearms suppressors, back-pressure, first round “pop” and flash, accuracy robbing turbulence, recoil, excessive heat buildup, and more. All while maintaining hearing-safe levels of sound suppression across a wide variety of weapons systems and calibers. Quiet, soft-shooting, light-weight, strong, and user-serviceable, the MAXFLO 3D™ has it all.

Payments will be processed immediately. There are no Refunds on NFA items. Please check with your local FFL Class 3 dealer prior to purchasing to see if this item is legal in your state.

This is an NFA Item.

In order to possess this item you will need to find a local FFL Class 3 dealer that will assist in processing a Form 4 for you.

Once ordered, please have your local FFL/SOT Class 3 dealer send a copy of their FFL & SOT and we will immediately process a Form 3 to them and send them the silencer information to start the Form 4 process.

Have them send their information to:


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