May Day AK Revolution

  • May 3, 2019 - May 5, 2019
    12:00 pm - 3:00 pm










Join the 2019 May Day AK Revolution.
This event is a themed AK based Competition and celebration of the AK platform from around the world! Whether you are an AK purist, or a high speed Ak operator with all of the latest AK Enhancements, You will love this event!

Date May 3-5th 2019

Location- Big Salty At the Wasatch Action Shooting Range in Salt Lake City, Utah

Match $75
AK Carbine Class $50
Gen Admin/ Demo Bay $10
Events and Activities
10 bay themed AK Competition
AK Carbine Class With Dave Bahde
Demo Bay
And More to come.


Super Heavy РAK type  in .308/7.62x54R Open Class

Open – Any Kalashnikov, no limitation on accessories.

Light Kalashnikov – Kalashnikov or variant chambered in 5.45/5.56, iron sights only, 30 round traditional rock/lock magazine.

Heavy Kalashnikov – Kalashnikov, iron sights only, 30 round traditional rock/lock magazine.

ComBloc Р2 Divisions  (Detachable/Non Detachable Magazines), any rifle issued by a Warsaw Pact or ChiCom nation, including VZ 58.

SubGun – AK-style PCCs and Warsaw Pact Submachineguns (no full auto allowed).

NEW Shotgun- Any AK based shotgun.

10 Stages

350 round count ( rifle)

150 bird shot, 10 Slugs ( shotgun division only)


  1. http://Cavett%20Eaton says

    Sounds like an amazing event. I plan to be there!

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