AK Level 2 Fundimentals With -Dave Bahde-

  • October 20, 2018
    8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Prerequisets – AK Level 1 Essentials

What it Covers
Entering basic operation the focus will be on proper manipulation from various positions,
mostly static with an introduction to movement. Proper use of magazine carriers, chest rigs,
body armor, and other accessories will be covered. Emphasis will be on proper application of
the essentials in basic situations more applicable to use in the real world. Transitions to a
secondary weapon will be introduced.
Properly functioning and zeroed AK 47 or 74 Rifle (No Shotguns) MUST have a stock or pistol

Operational Sling
500 rounds of ammunition
Three or more magazines
Carry or duty pistol (which ever you actually use) with a safe and proper holster (No Serpa
holsters allowed, or cheap nylon. Must be a proper carry holster that secures the weapon
under moderately rigorous movement. If your pistol falls out during class you will be removed
from the class (without a refund).
100 rounds of pistol ammunition
Two (2) magazines
Magazine pouch
Chest rigs or body armor if you use them
Eye Protection / Ear Protection
Ball Cap
Knee and elbow pads (Knee pads for sure)
Dress appropriate for the weather

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