Joe Firearms Offers Free Training For Families and Educators

Free Firearms Training for Educators and Families

Because of the recent tragedy in Oregon, gun control has been a huge topic of conversation both in the news and on social media. Many that feel we need more gun control laws. Others feel that adding to the 20,000 plus gun control laws that are already on the books wouldn’t do much to solve this problem.

There is no doubt the solution to this problem is a complex one. The debate on a long term fix is seemingly endless. What about the short term? What actions can we all agree on to keep our children safe now? We at Joe Firearms believe in being proactive. We believe that education is key for a short term plan as well as the beginning of a long term plan. The education and training of our citizens has been a founding principle of Joe Firearms, previously MyUtahCCW, since we began 5 years ago.

We are continuing our commitment to the safety of our schools and communities. We have been working with local law enforcement representatives, area schools, school administrators and teachers to develop training for those responsible for the safety of our children at school every day. Our courses are geared towards preparing and/or arming educators and staff for active shooter situations. We are offering free Utah Concealed Carry classes to anyone employed by our school districts.

We are also committed to the education of our children and families. Whether you are pro-gun, anti-gun or somewhere in between, the fact remains that guns are everywhere. They are in our homes, in the homes of our children’s friends and carried by people all around you. “Curiosity killed the kid” is a phrase we have used in our classes for years. Children often have to learn about the world around them by experiencing it for themselves. We believe teaching firearm safety is key to keeping them safe from most firearm related accidents. Children should know what firearms are and what they can do. They need to understand that guns are not a toy. Firearms need to be respected and handled with the utmost care and respect for their capabilities. We are now offering a free “Family Gun Safety Course”. This course does not promote an agenda. It is designed for all parents and children to learn safe ways to handle firearms and correct protocols for what to do if they encounter a firearm. Our sincere desire is the safety of our families and our community. Let’s take the curiosity of the equation. Let’s remove the fear and replace it with a healthy respect for firearms. Let’s all do whatever we can in the short term, no matter where you stand on this issue, to protect each other and promote common sense solutions we can all agree on where we can.

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