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Who is Joe?

We often get asked, “Who is Joe?”. You won’t find anyone named Joe at our company. At Joe Firearm’s, we are passionate about guns! We love shooting, training, researching…everything! But we also realize that most people don’t fall into that category. Joe Firearms’ mission is to serve and provide for the ‘Everyday Joe and Jane’. We strongly believe that the ability to prepare, provide, protect and defend themselves and their loved ones should not be limited to affluent citizens or the most experienced shooters. Our philosophy is to build quality firearms at affordable prices. We strive to create customized guns that meet the needs and desires of the individual. Most importantly we are committed to the training and education for anyone that feels they would like to know more by offering a wide variety of classes. If you’re a first time gun owner or if you’re an experienced sportsman, you’ll find what you’re looking for at ‘EverydayJoe Firearms.

At Joe Firearms you will find top of the line manufacturing and the best components available in the industry.  We wouldn’t put a subpar rifle, pistol or shotgun into our own hands and we don’t think you should either.

Joe Academy is built upon a simple principle of personal preparedness: Train, Equip, Survive. Proper training with the right equipment means survival. Our programs are geared towards the Everyday Joe; hence, Joe Academy. You will find highly motivated and well-trained instructors who daily live the principles of “Train, Equip, Survive.”  We offer Utah Concealed Carry Permit classes, as well as a variety of tactical training courses.

At Joe Custom Shop you will find the best coatings that are not only extremely durable, but feature awesome designs and colors. You’ll definitely be the envy of the gun range.  Don’t take our word for it, check out our online gallery of all of our past works of art.

Please don’t hesitate to ask us about any of our firearms, training courses or custom options.


Utah-Concealed-Firearm-Instructor-Adam-Eaton Adam Eaton (Owner) is a long term shooter and has always enjoyed shooting sports. He became interested in the Self-Defense aspect of shooting shortly after marrying his wife and started his family. After the Trolley Square Shootings in 2007, he became acutely aware of his responsibility to protect and defend his family in all situations, even everyday life. As he continued his journey into self-defense training, he felt the responsibility to share the knowledge he’d obtained with others. He strongly believes that it is a right and an obligation to know how and be prepared to effectively protect yourself and those around you. – Utah Concealed Carry Permit holder since 2007; Completed Defensive Handgun Training; Completed Concealed Carry Gun Fighting Training; Completed Defensive Carbine Training; Completed Urban Rifle and Handgun Training; Active UDPL Member and Competitor 2009-Current; Project Appleseed Participant; Certified NRA Pistol Instructor; Certified BCI Concealed Firearms Instructor; and Certified NRA Range Safety Officer. Adam is the owner of ImpersaNature Studios.

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