Dillon 650 reloader setup

I love reloading! I love it so much, that I thought I would share how I’ve got my Dillon 650 setup. I looked and looked and felt like I got the best deal for my money with the 650. I know it’s not the cheapest machine out there but you get a lot of features plus the amazing Dillon warranty. My good buddy has the 550 and he has loaded lots of rounds on his machine…it’s quite a workhorse. After loading several thousand rounds though, he wishes that he would have picked up at least the 650.

Dillon 650 Setup

Setup: It didn’t take too long to setup the machine right out of the box. The instructions from Dillon on the 650 are easy enough to follow. Later on I did have a small snag with the primer loading disc but Dillon customer service was only a phone call away. That’s another nice thing about going with a Dillon, they have great customer service!

The Auto Case Feeder: I didn’t realize when I first bought the 650 that the machine is truly designed to be used with the the automatic case feeder. That’s one area where the Dillon website could be improved. Maybe some video of how the machine is used and some of it’s different configurations. So I bought the case feeder and have loved it ever since. My buddy with the 550 has to load a case in each time. The case feeder loads new brass with each pull of the handle. In a later post, I show the machine in action. Right now, I’m in the middle of a caliber conversion. The Auto Case Feeder for the Dillon 650 The

Reloading bench and work space: I’m sort of in a small workspace (as you can see from the photo) and had to get rather creative to make everything fit in the 40+ inches width I had to work with. I built the entire bench with the light for $50. I got a couple of pieces of 2″x6″ and a board of MDF and used some old varnish that I had sitting around. Here’s how it all looked when I finished. Dillon 650 Reloading Bench


As a very wise person said to me years ago, “organization is the key to success.” Having some type of, on-the-wall organization system has been crucial to my setup – especially given the small area I have to work with. If you didn’t already know this about reloading, but there are literally hundreds of small things that can magically disappear in the exact moment that you need them. It’s surprising how important one small piece can frustrate your entire reloading process. Here’s the organization pack I picked up from Harbor Freight, which I then placed on wall behind my bench. Dillon 650 reloading bench organization

The Bench Drawer:

As I was building the bench, I realized that I could get just a little more space if I added a couple of hinges and cut the wood to form a drawer.

Drawer under the Bench top

I did the same thing on the bottom side as well. The drawer on the filled with brass (I think I bought too much) and the left side has bullets and primers.

Reloading bench Left Side Drawer

Tool Heads:

Suffice it say for now that the tool head is what holds the dies in place (the half moon looking pieces).  I HIGHLY recommend that with each set of dies that you pick up, you should buy an additional tool head.  Since I didn’t really want the dies or the decapping pins to get damaged, I built this rather inexpensive PVC pipe tool head holder.

Reloading Bench Tool Head setup

Reloading Bench Tool Head setup

The Toolhead


  1. I am looking to buy a Dillon XL650. I was searching reviews when I came across your page. I feel better about buying the 650 now.
    What did you use for your home made lube?
    Thanks for the review on the Dillon 650 and the space saving tips.

    • Thanks for the comment! You will be happy with your 650 purchase. After loading on both the 650 and 550, I say the 650 takes it. As for the case lube, you use 1 part liquid lanolin and 4 or 5 parts 99% isopropyl alcohol. I found the liquid lanolin on Vitaglo.com. You have to use 99% alcohol or it will not work. I had to call a local pharmacy to special order it for me. Warm up the lanolin in hot water (still inside the bottle of course). I just filled up my sink with hot water and dropped the entire bottle in there. Pretty easy and you save a few dollars. partly just fun because I made it by myself. This stuff is nearly identical to the Dillon Case Lube out there.


  2. Sadie13sw says:

    love your idea on tool head holders , intend on copying it asap, hope its not copy writted , thanks

    • UtahCCW says:

      By all means, please feel free to use the idea. A good friend did his using wooden dowels. Another time saving technique is to have two powder units set up – one for small and one for large primer calibers. Enjoy!

  3. Nathan78 says:

    Thanks for the info on your bench set up, I intend to copy that pretty closely! Any chance of you doing a video on that as well?

  4. Pebblebay says:

    A lot of great ideas. You put a great amount of thought into this. Just got a used 650. Gonna keep my 450 for depriming, etc. Working through how to make a dedicated bench. Thanks for spending the time to share this.

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