Concealed Carry Gun Review | Kahr CW40

The Kahr CW40 Concealed CarryThe Kahr CW40 Concealed Carry

The Top Five things to consider about the Kahr CW40

  1. Size: First of all, Kahr has done an excellent job on making this bad boy fit right in the palm of your hand.  If you’ve got huge hands, this gun might be a little uncomfortable to shoot.  But hey, this is a concealed carry, if you want something that fits perfectly in your hand, you’d probably be looking at a full-framed pistol or revolver.
  2. Size part 2: The compact size of this gun makes it an excellent choice for carrying. Oh, and did I mention it’s light weight as well?  The other thing to consider about this pistol’s size is that you’re going to feel power of the 40 S&W a lot more than if you were firing a full-sized Glock or HK. So you’re probably not going to be super happy going to the range with this gun.
  3. The Grip: because this gun is so compact, you’ll notice that it has a rather aggresive grip.  It needs this much grip just so it stays in your hand.  You can pick up an extended magazine if you need more handle to hold onto.  The standard magazine also has a lip to hold your hand in place.
  4. The Price:  You can pick this pistol up for around $400!  That’s an incredible price when you consider it’s a Kahr.  Kahr basically took one of their higher-end pistols and just cut out a few of the “beauty” steps in machining this gun, which is great because those savings are passed onto you.  And besides, if you have to use your concealed carry, do you think the bad guy is going to stop to say, “wow, that’s a nice looking gun”?
  5. Caliber: It’s a 40 S&W!  Now, there’s always this debate going on about what’s the best round.  Well, I won’t touch that issue right here but I will say that 40 S&W is a pretty solid round.  Granted, this gun packs a little more punch than your average 40 S&W, but for the incredible value this gun packs I don’t think you can go wrong with this concealed carry.  And besides, if you don’t like the 40S&W, Kahr also makes this a CW9 chambered in 9MM Luger.


  1. Raymond T Czaja says:

    I took my Brand New Kahr CW 40 to the range the other day and put
    about a 130 rounds threw it. It worked perfectly, no problems at all. The break in period is stated to be 200 rounds . I was shooting it at a 25 yard range and was hitting the target . at 5 to 10 yards it would be hard to miss.
    I would trust this gun to save my life. It conceals well to .

    Ray from Connecticut

  2. Ryan Shelley says:

    I bought a CW 9 as my concealable, and I think its a fantastic gun! Built well, great compact size and the weight is perfect for everyday concealability. You’re right, it definately packs a punch…even though mine is a 9mm, it can be difficult to control on the range. But as far as protection against the bad guy, it would definately do the job!

  3. I have carried my CW40 for a year now and have put over 1000 rounds through it with no malfunctions. The only problem I had was with the slide lock spring bending while reassembling after cleaning(my fault and Kahr sent me a new one free of charge). This weapon is reliable, comfortable and a good value. The gun is also very accurate, however, if one is not used to a DOA trigger, it may take some getting used to.

  4. Nice review … to the point! I bought a CW9 a few months ago, was worried about the recoil and control of a .40 (actually the 9mm too based on comment’s like Ryan’s … but I’ve had no trouble controlling it on the range, tight groups at 25 yards … maybe it helps to be a 40-something woman?).

    Now I’m kind of wishing I’d gotten the .40. I put an Agrip on mine, grip works fine, great actually … has toned down the cheese grater effect and made a big difference in enjoyability.

  5. After reading many reviews, some good and a handful not so good, I took the plunge and bought the KAHR CW40. February 12, was my first opportunity to get it to the range. This weapon was taken out of the original packaging, wiped down and loaded. I took a box of 50 CCI Blazer rounds and a box of 50 Winchester rounds with me. As this was the first time firing this weapon I needed to get used to the sights. Once I managed to get my eye in, this weapon proved to be very accurate. I have also ordered the Pearce Grip extensions to see if it will assist to be more accurate and or make the weapon more comfortable. All 100 rounds were fired without any misfires. I am very pleased with the results and this will definitely be my weapon of choice for concealed carry. It was also a breeze to field strip for its first clean.

  6. just bought my cw40 four days ago took it to the range that night. shoots well, but it jammed three times out of fifty rounds. I thinks it is the mag. spring is weak until you get all six bullets in it, then the last one just about stands up straight. the metal at the top of the mag actually spreads apart a little. love the gun hate the mag.

  7. Jimherendeen says:

    I bought a CW40 and within 30 rounds the gun blew out the back(panel on the right top of grip. Sent back to factory for repair. Got back and within 10 rounds had the same problem. Sent back to factory again and was sent a new pistol. the second pistol’s slide would not stay back. Had problems regardless of ammo type(new ammo by the way). I’ve since gotten rid of the pistol. Its the only weapon that I have had where I’ve had any problems. I don’t trust a gun with that many problems.

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